Conversation with the master…

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Guruji

“I think you should write it” I told her the first time I heard it from my dear friend Tulika.

She retorted ” What difference does it make?”.

Me – ” Arey yaar such things should be shared so that people can read and get inspired”.

Tulika: “No, No, I cant write n all…blah…blah…”

Finally after a lot of coaxing, cajoling and pleading on certain days she agreed to pen it down :). She was not ready to start a blog either, so I agreed to post it here. The title for this post was also her choice. So here it is in her own words(some are mine too ;))…


Guruji – A relationship with him cannot be defined. What exactly is he? He has been like a mother, a father, guide, teacher, best friend almost everything to me. In the last 13 years, whenever I wanted an answer, what to do next or anything for that matter; it has always been my master for me. Right from choosing my profession, taking up a job or doing the TTC(Teachers Training Course); the guidance has always been there. Its as if I have NO CHOICE!

Since many years I had heard and seen people writing mails to Guruji, calling him up for all sorts of things but I never felt the need to tell him, ask him for teeny weeny things as everything was just perfect in my life and I always said,”Sab ho hi raha hai”(Everything is happening anyways).

It was after my TTC that the entire circus began.  “Sab ho tho raha tha, par kuch bhi teekh nahi”(Everything was happening but it was not going right). I joined Wipro and in a few months, quit because of health reasons. My dad stopped talking to me after I became a YES!+ teacher and ‘n’ number of issues had cropped up.

And it was about a couple of months back when the water just rose above the head. I just could not take it anymore! Jobless, major issues with parents, a disastrous relationship which was super complicated to say the least. Ufff…all these made me really angry at Guruji. I was thinking – “Hello dude! Whatz up? Kar kya rahe ho?” (What are you doing?) To add it up, I slipped and fell from 20 stairs and had multiple ligament tear, head injury, internal nerve compression and some dent’s here and there :(.

Enough!!! I felt completely on the edge. Didnt know what to do. Desperation was at its peak. Now arose the need to speak to Guruji. I wrote a mail to him. Later met one of the senior Art of Living teachers and finally got his number! What shall I speak, what will he tell..such questions were racing in my head. With anxiety and anticipation, I called him. Tring…tring…

Phir kya hua? In the next post…



  1. Good ending!!!
    Ppl have quickly learnt the drama skills!!! (I am referring to the way the post was ended)…

  2. vinivijayan says:

    Picture abhi baaki hai na 🙂

  3. Such posts are not to be broken into parts bhaiya 😦 Also I did not know that havoc manifests into your life even after you become a teacher … Its a revelation 😀 …

  4. Jyothi says:

    Please post the next part soon..i am looking forward to read …… 🙂

  5. vastrad says:

    When will the next post be posted???
    I’m curious….

  6. aditi says:

    i’m loving this!

  7. sharika says:

    coz it is some tulika s post.. y create breaks in Guru stories.. it is a total waste!!! mad u r!!:P

  8. Naqsha says:

    dont keep the suspense! tell us… It’s Gurupoornima, the time to ooohhh and aaahhhh and Om Namah Shiyaya and Jai Gurudev at such stories!!!

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