Key(s) of grace and the final ride!

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Travel

Story till now…

“What?? You are from Bangalore!”

“Yeah. What has Bangalore got to do…. anyways… you ride it.”

“Sir. I dont know how to ride!”


Me to myself, “GuruJi. I need strength. Let me do this. Keep me safe”

“Okay let’s go, but you sit behind me”

“What no way! On the highway? You say you have never driven a bike”

“Come on. My guru will take care of us. I show him the picture”

For known reasons it works! 🙂

“Okay lets go, lets stop at the petrol bunk to get some fuel”

“Yeah! Okay. Great Raja! That’s the spirit. See its not so hard… blah blah blah… so where is the gear?!!”

“#%$$% The one on the left. One up four down I think” And off we went.

“Ring Ring” “Ring Ring” It was my friend from Thiksey.

“Akhil what happened, where are you?”

“I am coming. Will be there soon. Talk to you later. No phone in the petrol bunk”

“No! tell me how are you coming”

“I am coming. Don’t worry. See you. Bye”


“How does it matter if I am coming by ship or airplane? I am coming relax”. I cut the call.

Petrol filled and off we ride at a gentle speed, with the phone constantly ringing in my pocket. I decide to ignore it.

After an hour’s journey, and the sun setting in the golden sky, we approach Thiksey.

My friend leaps out from the cold stone bench, “Did you get the key”?

“Yes I got the keys”

Key(s) of grace

“Keys? What do you mean”?

“I have two. Don’t know if they will work”.

We insert the first one. No response.

“Sh*t. That guy is crazy. All this way for a wrong key”, says my friend.

“Wait Wait. There is the other one”, say I.

And miraculously the other key works. I start the bike and smile at my friend. He returns the favor with a wry smile.

“Lets go”, said I.

“Wait a minute. How did you get here? Did you ride that yourself”?


“What?! You have never ridden a bike before!”

“I know. That’s how grace works. It makes people do things they have never done before. It makes keys open locks that it has never opened before”.

Silence ensued…… 🙂

“Lets go!”

And as we made the journey back, I swear I could see an unusually quieter version of my friend. We reached Leh at around 7:00 PM after sunset. A hot cup of tea awaited us. And as we scrambled to bed that night, my friend said,

“I behaved very badly today.”

“No No. You were tensed that’s all”

“I need to learn crisis management from you”

“Learn the kriya and yoga. I have been telling you since the last 10 years of our friendship”.

“You know Akhilesh. I was so tensed when you did not pick your phone that I decided to chant the Gayatri Mantra 108 times. And at the 108th mantra, I saw you”

“See. Grace works in miraculous ways”.

“I will do the Gayatri everyday from now on. I have learned a big lesson today”

“So have I, I broke my limitations, I did things I never imagined I would”

“Yes, but the difference is you were calm but I was not”

I smiled, switching off the lights and said, “Jai Goodnight”



P.S. Akhilesh writes an amazing blog. To read click here.

  1. vineet says:

    its the best adventurous guru story of all the stories i have heard….:D

  2. mary says:

    Crisis often open doors to soul search…:)

  3. karpagavalli says:

    enjoyed reading! 🙂 Very nice Akhilesh! so well typed in…

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