Happy Birthday Vinod!

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Birthdays

Vinod, a few lines about how your existence had made a difference to people around you.

You entered the scene,
when I was out.
To make a difference,
goes beyond doubt.
The presence and smile,
energises us.
Your ‘brilliant’ statements,
lead to an awakening.
A patient listener to the core,
your jokes have me rolling on the floor.


From just another guy,
you have become a fine wise man.
Inspiring us,
with all the might u can.
Sharing the dias with u,
is always a pleasure.
The joy I experience,
is just beyond measure.
An attitude of ‘Never say NO’,
makes us all go ‘Gung Ho’!
You are the man,
our YES!+ man!
!Happy Birthday!
  1. vinivijayan says:

    Loved it!!!!!!!!! Awesome 🙂 Poetic genius 🙂

  2. abhishek says:

    Vinod bhaiya rocks . . .

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