Happy Birthday KK!

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Birthdays

Wanted to write something new for KK’s birthday. I had written this post below 2 years back. Its so true till date to the dot that I am re posting it… 🙂


Its KK’s B’day today!! Who’s that?

My bestest friend till this moment and will be…

Is is said – “Great things come in small packages”. KK aka Karpagavalli Krishnamurthy would perfectly fit the bill. A five foot something…an angel to say the least. A pillar of strength for me since my first S+ course(Yeah, that how she cutely pronounces it ;) ). So much care and concern she has poured on me to make me what I am today.  I am a zillion % sure that Guruji has planted her in my life for my growth alone…nothing else. From those days where she used to persuade me to come to the ashram; I remember those parking lots/roads where I waited for no end to pick her coz she always had something up her sleeve and the guru stories, bnd stories etc on the way to ashram and back  would make up for the wait :) :) .

I remember our fights when I used to tell a ‘No’ for almost everything.  Believe me she never took ‘No’ as an answer from me for anything especially pertaining to courses and Guruji :) . How patiently she has put up with my tantrums and genuine excuses. With her my ego has been washed, crushed and demolished to a great extent. There have been days where I have completely hated her and also felt deep gratitude.

Oops…! Why am I talking about myself? :)  Her ‘Never Give Up’ attitude is something to die for. Even today when I put up the white flag when water reaches the nose, shes there to pull me up! There is so much more to her…words cannot do complete justice. Believe me!  You have to meet her!

KKAn icon of commitment!

A perfect south Indian Tamil Iyer to the core, cooks amazing rasam and potato curry. Yet to taste the other dishes though. :) . KK, let me know ;) .  Awesomely sweet person to be with. Just feel at home when she’s around. Recently she got married to Prasanna(of Marlon Brando fame! ;) ) and is on the next phase of life altogether…

I usually joke that I must have have been the easiest for her to register coz she just asked me to do it and I agreed right away( till today i donno why?!!). Recently she confessed that she was planning to quit BOSCH(where we were working) beginning of 2008. OMG…! Really KK, had you quit, where would have i been…

With tons of love and bestest wishes!

Happy Birthday!


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