Posted: November 9, 2012 in Life

“You should do the YES!+ course”, said this 5 foot girl in my office.

“Yes!”, I replied almost immediately; ignorant of the fact that my life is going to take a ‘U’ turn that day onwards. I still have no idea how and why did I say that! Little did I know then that Feb 11th-17th, 2008; the best 7 days of my life would transform it altogether! Did I ask for it? Yes, what looks like now is that this is something which I wished, but never knew how to get it.
Flashback to the 90’s. Mumbai, the city which never sleeps. I was brought up in a conservative tambrahm Iyer family. “Only education can get you a living, nothing else. So, study well! We dont have any ancestral property”, I was bombarded with these lines all through my student life. Innocent me! So all that I did was study! A true, super geek to the core. Come on, at least you must have participated in sports, you might ask! Well…I did participate a few times and topped…from the last. I also realized that they never had any prizes for people like me 🙂
Me :)

Me lookalike 🙂

Topping the class was my cup of tea, but then I had to maintain the position too. Letting go of the first rank was equivalent to a death in the family. “Oh! Why? What happened to you!!? You should study well kanna! I told you that time itself! Next time onwards, no TV during exam time!” are just a few of the mild advices/instructions I would receive from people around. Sometimes this used to be a topic of discussion in family get togethers also! The torture of answering people was so much that getting the first rank seemed so easy. I was always discouraged from mingling with students who get poor marks or who fail. Maybe because of the fear that I might also end up like them and this got so much into me that it continued into my graduation days also.
My mom was a teacher in the same school. She taught English and Social Studies. Yay! I thought, till I grew up and she became my teacher as well. I would have accidentally scratched my nose in some class and the report would go to her from the other teachers. A few times I also failed to answer questions in class. You can imagine what could have happened…such was the level of scrutiny I was under! But it also had its share of benefits. I was known and treated well by everyone from the Principal to the peon! The staff room was a place where other students feared to go, but I would just walk in and meet my mom 🙂 She was there anytime I needed her. Lucky!
Some students were afraid of me and never spoke to me. “Oh, teacher’s son!”. Some other toppers who spoke, would never talk about other teachers or bitch about them in front of me. But by the time I reached my 10th grade, I had made a few close friends. The crucial year had arrived! Exams got over and results were out!
Did I top the school? Science or commerce? in the next post…
  1. Manish Nasa says:

    that makes for a good read 🙂

  2. Neha says:

    I felt as if you were narrating my story… How did you know that 😛

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