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Posted: November 15, 2012 in Life

Story so far…

And the results were out…82.5% but still came third :(. Taking up science/commerce is considered to be the most crucial part of your ‘career’. According to aunties/uncles/neighbors, scoring ‘so much’ and not taking up science would have been the most horrendous sin I commit from which I could never be redeemed of. My brother was smart enough to decide on commerce even before his results came out. Any amount of convincing/cajoling from my father did not help. This was the best decision he made considering he is a rank holder in his CA exams.

My dad wanted us to get into the IITs and now, I was the only chance he had. I never had any inclination towards commerce either. Arts? Arts was not for scholars! (Scholar, Skotchy were some adjectives used to address me in school). People who score 60% or less, gaye gujre log take Arts.

No points for guessing; science it was! Kelkar college, Mulund, Mumbai was one of the premier colleges that time where many toppers used to join. One of my dad’s favourite. I also applied! Two lists were put but my name did not feature; missed the final list by just 1 percent :(. Being in the general category, I had to score more to get through but my friend who scored less was in because of his OBC category! This hit me hard. None of us were given an option to chose our families. Had to settle for the second best; CHM in Ulhasnagar.

CHM college

All my other friends got into Birla college in Kalyan. And here I was alone from my school in this college! Felt so alone 😦 but had no choice. CHM was a “better college” than Birla and hence I cannot change even though I had cleared there too. Got new clothes, shoes, bag; afterall I was going to college. No uniform!  Canteen! Excitement! 🙂 Yay! \m/.

Local gadi

I had to take the local train to my college, just 2 stations away, not more than 6 mins. If you have not traveled in the local trains of Mumbai, you have missed something in your life and I mean it! Getting into the train, jumping out of it before it halts at the station, feeling the breeze hitting your face while you stand at the door, all this gives you a kick which is unmatched. 🙂 Navigating yourself in that crowd is a skill which you will learn. But have you heard of that  ‘decent’ boy who never stands at the door, never behaves like a ‘rowdy’, always follows rules? I was that decent boy! What would people think! But as days went by, I became more lenient to myself.

New environment, new friends, new professors but old habits! Old habits die hard, they say and here I was making friends whom I felt were decent, studious, sincere and had seriousness in their life! Four! That’s the number of good friends I made. Bunking classes was a sin, I truly believed! Submitting the lab records with all the required data on time was something I took pride in. I never understood how can someone not do it! I was not topping the class either but the underlying fear of what will happen if I don’t do this/that ruled my life. Became an introvert to the core. Keeping to myself, what others are thinking about me, am I good enough to talk to that girl, what if I make a fool of myself etc rented my head. I was never gutsy enough to do anything else 😦

Days flew by and then came the second most crucial year of my life; the turning point!



  1. Monica Patel says:

    woooohhoooo…. the last paragraph is THE thing that most scholars are identifies with!!! whooaa… you have described even me in it!! 😀
    Awesome description of MUmbai.. drowns me into the memory of my city!!
    kudos boy!! :p

  2. flat tyre… was expecting much more… went salt-less… it creates a expectation , though

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