Life of Pi

Posted: December 6, 2012 in General

The word spectacular falls short by miles to describe this movie. I landed 10mins before time to witness it because whats a movie if you miss the ads preceding it… 😉

Pi?! Is that even a name u might ask. But a very cute and innocent story reveals the reason behind :).  The beginning of the movie has been beautifully choreographed. Some awesome shots not to be missed! Be there before time. The story begins with Pi growing up listening to stories from the puranas. His inquisitiveness leads him to know various religions. These experiences have a profound effect on his innocent mind and come back to him. When? You have to watch the movie to find out!

Pi and Richard Parker on the boat

Pi and Richard Parker on the boat

The journey through which the director Ang Lee takes us makes it even more memorable. Pi’s father decides to sell off their zoo in Pondicherry and shift to Canada. On the way through rough seas, Pi loses his family and ends up on a boat(beautiful with its two tone colour of red and white) with a royal Bengal Tiger named Richard Parker. Another funny story behind that name :). What follows is a journey of a lifetime where Pi discovers himself, experiences God! Simplicity, beauty, love, human values, survival have all been redefined here. The innocence of Pi, ferocity of the animals, beauty of the nature has been superbly captured by the cameraman.

You need to have all eyes and ears on the movie because some scenes are pictured very subtly and this is key to understand what Ang Lee wants to convey. All in all a superb screenplay, awesome sounds and the CG has gone to a new level itself.Glad that i watched this one 🙂

Go with your family. It’s a treat to watch!




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