Bangalore days

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Life, Movie

Watched ‘Bangalore Days’ Malayalam movie for the first time in theatre. Must I say, it was worth it! 3 words to describe this movie – Go! Watch it! The movie is 3 hrs long but there was never a dull moment. If you don’t understand Malayalam, tag a mallu friend along! I don’t remember the last time when the audience gave an applause when the credits were being rolled.

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What is the movie about?

A superbly crafted feel good film which takes you through the ups and downs in the lives of 3 cousins. The director starts the visual narration in the beginning of the movie; thanks to my wife Sripriya for noticing this. So don’t miss the beginning. I like to be at the theatre atleast 15-20 mins before to watch the Nirma, Vicco ads :). With different goals in life but a common childhood aspiration to be in Bangalore brings them together. Their closeness really makes one jealous. The ‘Mangalyam’ song was made legendary by A.R.Rahman. This movie also has an ‘Mangalyam’ song which I loved(yet to buy it on iTunes;)!

Nazriya as Divya, an extrovert and an IIMB aspirant, gets married to Das, an introvert, workaholic guy and settles down in Bangalore. Nivin as Kuttan is a shy ‘software engineer’ amongst the scores in Bangalore who wants to marry a girl of ‘Bharathiya Naari’ types. Dulquer as Arjun is a happy-go-lucky bike mechanic, passionate about racing but gets uncomfortable when confronted about his divorced parents.  A song showing all the ‘hot’ spots and some ‘not so hot’ spots  of this garden city is well choreographed. The camera work is good.

Nazriya has emoted the role of Divya very well. A love torn tragic past from Das’s life brings trouble into their life. Nivin’s acting has the audience in splits. His attempts to have a girlfriend are hilarious! Arjun falls for a pretty RJ, Sarah who is specially enabled and plans to leave to Australia for further studies.

The director has very delicately interwined love, friendship, forgiveness etc. All in all, a very lively movie! How Divya and Das resolve their issues? Does Kuttan get married with his desired type of girl? Does Arjun get back to racing? What about Sarah?

Watch the movie for the answers. You will not regret it! 🙂


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