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Keep Off the Grass…

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Books

I picked up this book by Karan Bajaj because Prasanna had suggested. The story is about how a Yale graduate – Samrat Ratan working in an Investment Banking firm gives up his job and comes to study in India at the prestigious IIM Banglore with the purpose to rediscover himself. Here he meets two guys, an IITian – Sarkar and a Kargil war hero – Vinod. The story then revolves around this trio and how they wade through the tremendous peer pressure, quizzes almost every second day, suicides and the cut throat(literally) competion in IIM.

The “F” word, hindi gaalis(swear words) have been used generously umpteen number of times.  Questions like – What am I doing here in IIM?, Whats the purpose of graduating from these business schools? etc haunts them throughout those two years. Their answers vary from time to time depending on the extent of Dope :-).

Karan has narrated the entire first year experiences at IIM at a snail’s pace with every detail; believe me, almost 200 pages. To tackle all pressures, they take up the path of Marijuana and light up a joint at the drop of a hat! The whole story is a roller coaster ride with they undergoing a ‘Vipasana’ meditation course in the Himalayas! There are very few funny moments; some of them just bring out a chuckle on your face.  The story picks up speed in the latter half and the climax is covered within 50 pages :-). It gets interesting at certain places though.

How Samrat Ratan gets answers to his questions and what makes him realize that he needs grass no more is something you have to read.

I personally did not like the book so much :-(. Dont know how it became a best seller! 🙂




2 States

Posted: April 10, 2010 in Books

2 States – the story of my marriage.  A story of how Krish and Ananya fall in love and their journey (I would say adventure :)) till their marriage. Though I loved ‘Five Point Someone’ by Chetan Bhagat, I decided to pick this up last week only. One of the amazing books I have read till now. it is the kind of books which gives you a very nice feeling. The humor is brilliant and had me in splits at certain places :):). The attention to detail is amazing. One thing worth mentioning is Chetan just brings the situation alive when we read his books by mentioning the smallest of things which we notice but never register.

The introduction just takes you back to your college days and brings back sweet memories of the many crushes which we have had back then :).  I am sure that everyone who reads this would like to have a girlfriend like Ananya. The language used to describe his meetings with Ananya are very cute and enjoyable :).

The description of both the cultures are very good but goes overboard at some places.   The typical language, style and mentality has been etched well but again cant be generalized to everyone.  I being a Tam Bram enjoyed it to the core!  Worth mentioning is the presence of the wise man, aptly named ‘Guruji’ 😉 who gives Krish a glimpse of the difference what spirituality can make to our lives.  I would have loved both of them to be vegetarians. 🙂

They put in all their efforts to get both the families together but what happens at the end is something to read and enjoy! 🙂

A great book in all and would love it to be made into a movie.  Just pick up the original, costs just less than a hundred bucks! ;).