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How me? I don’t know!

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Guruji, Wonder
Ever doubtful of how a Guru could find me,
but you caught me unawares.
Neither perfect nor among the best,
You chose me!
How me?
You knew I would be slow n falter.
With a snake coiled around the planets,
Mars not helping either,
my stars were not exalted!
How me?
Flushing so much enthusiasm and joy,
accelerating my life with fun and wisdom,
you made me experience the radha and krishna!
How me?
Awesome time in the last 5 years,
giving me a glimpse of what I am capable of,
empowered through your support,
I move ahead.
How me?
Tears of gratitude have flown,
I love you so much, dont know why?
Why do I miss you, I don’t know!
What have I done for this? I dont know!
Why is this happening? I dont know!

Many pals in Manipal…

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Events, Guruji, Travel

I had been to Manipal last week to conduct a YES!+ course. 54 Manipalites were SoHummed, my biggest course till date. All thanks to Tanu who could not make it ;).

“When you care for the society, nature itself bends down to serve you” these words by Guruji H.H.Sri Sri Ravishankar were echoing in my head throughout. Reason? I did not even have to move my little finger for anything. Everything I needed just landed in my lap. The best and cutest volunteers – Rimi, Shrey, Toyaj, Naman, Prachi and many more were just there for me. Rimi was our Annapoorneshwari for the whole week. They took care of my stay, food, travel and what not. Felt like Guruji ;). I have never laughed so much ever. The course ended on a super duper high!

One of the volunteers Harshpreeth has penned down a few words about it.

On Saturday, 42 people participated in the Yogathon in Manipal. 37 of them won the GOLD certificate. Some people who have not done any AOL course also participated and were able to complete 108 suryanamaskars!!! Pure grace in its fullest glory :).

Mookambika temple

Sunday marked the visit to Kollur to see Sri Mookambika devi. It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya had a vision of Sri Mookambika Devi and installed the deity here.

Sri Mookambika Devi

Just behind the sanctum sanctorum, is an idol of Shankaracharya where we meditated. Despite the sound and clamour inside the temple, the meditation was deep and still. We then had lunch served as prasad adjacent to the temple. The ultra hot, molten boiling rice(I mean every word of this…) with delicious sambar and rasam filled our starving stomachs. Everyone were licking their fingers clean :).

Udupi Krishna mutt

We then proceeded to Udupi to see Manamohana aka Krishna. The route from Kollur to Udupi was the bumpiest to say the least. The sun added to the effect. Almost wornout we went inside the mutt. As soon as I entered the mutt, a sense of freshness took over me. All tiredness just evaporated in his presence.

Shri Krishna

Witnessed a glowing Krishna within a dimly lit sanctum santorum. Felt so relaxed and calm. Something inside had settled down. The elephant in the temple looked so sattvic with its chandan and kumkum. The lake within the temple was refreshing. Feeling grateful we returned back to Manipal.



जब गुरु संघ है, तो क्या घम है|
तुझसे दूर रहने का मन नहीं करता,
तुझसे दूर रहने का मन नहीं करता,
पास आ जाऊं तो मन,
बस मन नहीं रहता||
तेरी ठंडी छाया में,
निडर हैं हम|
चिंता और दुःख,
इनसे बेखबर हैं हम||
दुनिया घूमने की पुरानी आदत,
नहीं गयी तेरी|
मुझे कब घुमायेगा?
बस सवाल है यही||

H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

मैं कौन हूँ?
इस सवाल पे मुस्कुराता है तू|
तू कौन है?
यह न जाने, मुस्कुराने लगे हम||
साधना, सेवा और सत्संग,
इसकी सरगम में डूब जाना है|
सुख में सेवा और दुःख में त्याग,
इस सूत्र के संग, मेवा खाना है||

जब गुरु संघ है, तो क्या घम है|


Who are you?

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Guruji, Poems

Every meeting leaves me thirsting for more.

Every guru story has your assurance in store.

Every story shared, I fall short of doing justice.

Who are you?

You walk like a cloud caressing the sky,

a twinkle from your eye makes people fly.

Words like honey dripping from a honey comb,

arms which take me on like a mothers womb.

Who are you? Please tell me…

Lovely tresses flowing down,

a smile which can turn around any frown.

A hug softer than a velvet pillow,

which can lift a person from any low.

Who are you? Please, please tell me…

Eyes deeper than any gorge,

like a bud peeping out of the petals.

A mark of your fame are your plays,

When asked about it, you just smile away.

Who are you? The mystery is deepening…



What can I do?

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Guruji, Poems

What can I do?

What can I do to know you, for the memory is coming back…

What can I do to feel your presence, which is making me write this already…

What can I do to see you, the longing tearing me apart…

What can I do to call you, *whoosh* you are here…


What can I do?

What words shall I use to praise or describe you, when I falter for words…

What can I perform for you, when I am a part of your play…

What tune shall I compose, which cannot rend the hearts like you do…

What song shall I sing, while the throat chokes…

What can I paint for you, for I am searching for colors to etch your beauty…

What can I do to support you coz you are my pillar…

What can I give you, when I am yours…

What more can I ask you, when you are already mine…

…for I is ceasing to exist now.



Brackets of grace

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Guruji, Knowledge

Same time last year, I completed the Guru Pooja course along with Aditi, Vini and 900+ people. Whats that? Read it up here – GuruPooja.

Till then I had not taken a YES!+ course outside Bangalore but suddenly this intention came and I wanted to travel and take courses. Intention manifested and Vini agreed to have a course in Manipal in the coming weeks. Though I had not moved even my little finger for organizing the course, she was grateful enough to agree :). It was a four day course – Thursday to Sunday. I decided to go, come what may.

Challenge came in the form of a software release on that very Friday when the course was planned. If I have to be present for the entire duration of the course, I have to take leave on Thursday and Friday. I decided to finish my work on Thursday itself and leave that night. Convinced Vini to handle the first day. It was around 2pm on Thursday and the software which I was supposed to deliver that evening was not working as expected :-O.  I was on tenterhooks. Time was running out fast and as luck would have it had a meeting that afternoon. Convinced my manager that I would not attend. Wanted to leave to the bus stop but could not because of the deadline.  Didn’t know what to do and finally I just prayed to Guruji, “Please somehow make it work, I want to go”.

My colleague and friend Vinay who was going for the same meeting asked me the reason why wasn’t I coming? I told him my state of affairs. He said, “Oh” and started walking towards the meeting room. Here comes the twist…

He must have taken just a few steps and suddenly he turned around and came to my place with full intensity and asked, “Where? Where is the problem? Tell me. I will solve it!”.

I showed him the peculiar behavior. He stared at the screen for a couple of seconds, added two brackets in the file, saved it and told me,”It will work now!” and left. He did not even stay back to verify it. I compiled the file and viola! It worked! My joy had no bounds :).

I wrapped up my work and left for the bus stop. It was only next day morning, did I realize that help arrived when prayer happened. Immense gratitude filled up my heart and following lines came up :).

To read click the link – Who is this man?

As Guruji says, when you do good for others, nature bends itself to support you. 🙂



Conversation with the master…II

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Guruji

Contd from the previous post


When you call someone you have to ask “Hello, is this…” but when you hear “Hellooooooooooooooooo…you dont need to ask, the voice says it all. Extremely sweet, filled with love and the long hummmm…you know you have called the right number, right person, right time… 🙂

Guruji: “Hello…hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. huh…” (Listening to this I went numb or dumb whatever you call it…)

I said, “Jai Guru Dev! Guruji I am Tulika, YES!+ teacher from Shimla. Guruji, I am not well…”

I had not finished and boss said, “Haan haan mujhe pata hai tum teekh nahi ho aur mujhse gussa
ho…”(Yes, yes, I know you are not well and angry at me…).  He was laughing loudly.

Again I had no words…I told him almost everything what had happened and was happening.

Guruji: “Dont worry! These are your karmas you have to go through”.

Me: “What sort of karma is this?”

Guruji: “Kuch karam hum bahut saalon mein khatatey hai, par mai tho tumse yeah karam kuch
mahino mein katwa raha hoon”. (Some karmas get over in years, but I am getting those done with you in few months itself)

Listening to this I felt “Yaar, do chaar aur dent padh jate tho bhi koi problem nahi hai…” (Even if I had hurt myself more, I would not have felt bad) because he is there with me. All I had to say was…YES GURUJI!

I told him about my dad. “Everything will be fine, you be quite and dont give any explanations” said Guruji.

“I am stuck up to bed with broken bones and not able to take courses” I said. He replied, “Stop worrying, take rest, eat well and keep doing kriya. Once you are fine you start teaching, you have no choice my dear”.

“Ok Guruji” :). At last he said, “Start walking…Jaai Guru Deeeev” and hung up!

Love you Guruji 🙂

The calmness I felt, the strength I got and the healing which happened while I was talking to him is beyond words. The way I was broken into pieces (physically), there was no scope I could have started walking for the next 2 weeks! But I blindly followed what my master had said and I started walking in the next 2-3 days itself!

All through the conversation and after I felt so blessed and being taken care of. And we all are…aren’t we? From taking care of karmas, giving tips to handle parents, like a loving mother asking me to eat, sleep and take rest. What else can one ask for in this lifetime?

His very words “Girne ka aabhas hoga, par girne nahi doonga” (It may appear like you are falling but I will not let you fall) just flashed in my head. It is indeed his blessings that I have recovered so fast in every way.Today, one cannot say that I had multiple injuries a couple of months back.
My dad is fine and my relationship with him is just amazing now. All the confusion I had because of that relationship has evaporated.

I continue to say,”Sab ho hi raha hai” (Everything is happening anyways). And thats how my conversation with the master ended. All is well 🙂

All is well!

Finally, the promise I made to Suman is here :). I have given my best to remember and write Guruji’s exact words of course, little privacy has been maintained. The entire purpose was to share the experience and the awakening I had.

With love,