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Brackets of grace

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Guruji, Knowledge

Same time last year, I completed the Guru Pooja course along with Aditi, Vini and 900+ people. Whats that? Read it up here – GuruPooja.

Till then I had not taken a YES!+ course outside Bangalore but suddenly this intention came and I wanted to travel and take courses. Intention manifested and Vini agreed to have a course in Manipal in the coming weeks. Though I had not moved even my little finger for organizing the course, she was grateful enough to agree :). It was a four day course – Thursday to Sunday. I decided to go, come what may.

Challenge came in the form of a software release on that very Friday when the course was planned. If I have to be present for the entire duration of the course, I have to take leave on Thursday and Friday. I decided to finish my work on Thursday itself and leave that night. Convinced Vini to handle the first day. It was around 2pm on Thursday and the software which I was supposed to deliver that evening was not working as expected :-O.  I was on tenterhooks. Time was running out fast and as luck would have it had a meeting that afternoon. Convinced my manager that I would not attend. Wanted to leave to the bus stop but could not because of the deadline.  Didn’t know what to do and finally I just prayed to Guruji, “Please somehow make it work, I want to go”.

My colleague and friend Vinay who was going for the same meeting asked me the reason why wasn’t I coming? I told him my state of affairs. He said, “Oh” and started walking towards the meeting room. Here comes the twist…

He must have taken just a few steps and suddenly he turned around and came to my place with full intensity and asked, “Where? Where is the problem? Tell me. I will solve it!”.

I showed him the peculiar behavior. He stared at the screen for a couple of seconds, added two brackets in the file, saved it and told me,”It will work now!” and left. He did not even stay back to verify it. I compiled the file and viola! It worked! My joy had no bounds :).

I wrapped up my work and left for the bus stop. It was only next day morning, did I realize that help arrived when prayer happened. Immense gratitude filled up my heart and following lines came up :).

To read click the link – Who is this man?

As Guruji says, when you do good for others, nature bends itself to support you. 🙂




Holding my hand

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Guruji, Knowledge, Wonder

Deciding to have a guru in my life is the most intelligent decision which I have taken. Although it is the other way round; I would like to say so. Its intriguing how the Guru comes to me every time I make a mistake, every time I stumble in this path. I do the same mistake again and again but still he is there right in time to hold me by my hand; neither too tight nor too loose just with the right feel and touch to steer me away with a smile; to bring me back.

Like how a wailing child’s tears vapourize when it sees its mother; similarly I feel at home back on the path. Aah! Its so relaxing. The guru gives me what I truly need and not what I wanted, showing me who I am and what I can do; rather than letting me go astray. I recollect the lines – “Ghirne ka aabhaas hoga par girne nahin doonga”.

The point is not doing the mistake repeatedly and brooding over it; but to come back to the centre again and again which steers me ahead.

Yes, he’s truly holding my hand. 🙂



Back to the Centre…

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Knowledge, Questions

Feelings come and go, Emotions come and go…Had heard these words many a time but didnt understand them completely till they paid me a surprise visit  recently ;-). Storms of emotions, confusions galore…I know what i have to do but i dont do it…just not in the mood…And after some considerable time realized that this same phenomenon has happened before! Nothing new!

Ignorance and knowledge both co-existing at the same time. Opposite values are inevitable! The presence of knowledge made the shadow of ignorance more painful and at the same time pulls us out of it faster too. 🙂 And thats the key; how fast are we able to come back to the centre…The importance of doing yoga, sadhana, seva and satsang has renewed itself.

Had written a related post long time back. Here it is…


We all are aware of what is ‘happening’ outside us, right? Someone is reading, someone is talking, walking, shouting etc. At the same time, there is something always ‘happening’ inside us; inside our body-mind consciousness.

Are we aware of this? To experience awareness, we need to experience the ‘happening’ first.

There is something happening inside us all the time. Say when we are angry, there is some thing happening inside; when we are happy there is something else happening; when we are feverish, there is something else. The way we act or react to anything is because of this phenomenon of ‘happening’! The whole consciousness is nothing but an ‘happening’. It is fully dynamic, not even one moment of dullness!

And there are multiple factors which influence this ‘happening’ inside us; like food, friendship, sadhana, seva, satsang, planetary positions etc. Can we become aware of this happening? The whole life can be spent in just being aware of whats happening all over. And this helps in willingly making changes to how we feel and act. For e.g. when we feel lazy, the moment we realize that – “Oh, I am feeling lazy. This is what laziness is”. Once we become aware of this, there is an immediate disconnect between ‘YOU’ and your body. We become a sakshi(Observer) to what is happening. Thats it, that very moment we can take a rational decision and come out of that.

The more and more we become aware of this happening, we start smiling more. 🙂
But now, is this awareness also a ‘happening’? I believe so! What do you say?

Janaka and Sukhadeva – Final

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Knowledge, Questions

Story till now…

Just after Suka entered the room, a servant came running in with a report that the entire town was on fire. “It’s all God’s Will,” said Janaka cooly. After a short while another report came that all of the king’s courts were reduced to ashes. “God’s Will,” said the king. Then the news came that the king’s own palace was on fire. “All God’s Will,” repeated the king. Suka was thinking what a fool the king was not to do anything about the fire. Suka grabbed his bag and started to run away to save himself from the approaching fire, but the king caught hold of his arm. “Look,” said the king, “all of my wealth and possessions have been burnt to ashes, but I haven’t bothered about them. Now that the fire has reached the palace, you have taken hold of this small bundle of your possessions with the intention of saving them.

After all, what are your things worth? Now, who exactly is the greater renunciate – you or I?” Suka realized that the king was a true renunciate and sought initiation from him but the king said, “You do not deserve it.”

Now the king ordered that a great festival be held in honour of Suka’s visit to the city. Festivities, dances, plays and various stalls were set up. All was to entertain Suka. When everything was ready, the king ask Suka to go through the city and enjoy everything, “But,” said the king, “please carry this full cup of milk with you wherever you go.” He then bade the soldiers who were to accompany Suka, “Take Suka through every part of the city. Let him see everything and miss nothing. But if he should spill a single drop of milk from this cup, my orders are that you should behead him on the spot.”Suka went out with the soldiers and came back in the evening. “I am sure that you had a nice time? How did you enjoy everything?” “O king, as it turned out, I saw nothing, for at every moment all of my thoughts were concentrated on this cup, lest I should spill a drop and lose my life,” said Suka.

“Suka, that is how I live in the midst of all this luxury and grandeur. I see nothing. For at every moment my thoughts are centered on the Lord lest I too should lose my life,” said the king. “Imagine that the cup is death, the milk is your mind, and the festivities are the ephemeral pleasures and splendours of the world.

I pass through this world with great caution, so that the milk of the mind is not spilled, or agitated, and all attention is concentrated every moment on Him. For even a moment spent in not thinking of Him would be death to me.”

The king could now see that Suka’s mind was cleansed of pride and was ready, so he initiated Sukadeva… 🙂



Janaka and Sukhadeva – 2

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Knowledge, Questions

Story so far…

When Suka was being sent back to the king for the thirteenth time, the sage Narada took pity on him. He disguised himself as an old brahmin and was carrying a basket of earth on his head. As he approached a small river which was flowing nearby, he would throw the earth into it and it would get washed away. Seeing this, Suka accosted him and said, “Look here, old man.

First put some sticks across the stream and then some large lumps of earth on them and then only throw the earth on that. Otherwise it will be only fruitless labour if you are trying to build a dam across the river the way you are doing it.” “I am only losing my day’s effort,” said Narada, “but there is a young man who is a bigger fool than I am, and he is Suka Deva, the son of Vedavyasa. For he has already lost twelve of the fourteen merits that he possessed. He has only two left.” When Suka heard this, he fell down in a faint. When he regained consciousness, he was all alone, but he remembered the words of the old man and rushed to the king’s palace.

Still having some pride that he was the son of Vedavyasa, he thought that the king would come and meet him on the way. But no one came to meet him. When the king was informed of his arrival, he gave the orders, “Let him stand right where he is.” Suka just happened to be standing on the spot where the palace garbage was thrown over the wall, and as a result, it was not long before he was buried under the refuse.

Four days passed in this way when the king enquired, “What happened to Suka who had come to see me?” “He has been standing in the same spot, Maharaj,” replied the servant.”Let him be extricated from the heap of rubbish, bathed, dressed and brought here,” ordered the king. King Janaka, knowing that Suka was proud of his renunciation, created an illusion.

Just after Suka entered the room, a servant came running in with a report that the entire town was on fire. “It’s all God’s Will,” said Janaka cooly. After a short while another report came that all of the king’s courts were reduced to ashes. “God’s Will,” said the king. Then the news came that the king’s own palace was on fire. “All God’s Will,” repeated the king.

Was Janaka playing around? Did Sukadeva fall for his antics? In the next post… 🙂



Janaka and Sukhadeva.

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Knowledge, Questions

Read this story recently. Wanted to share… 🙂

Sukadeva was the son of the great rishi Vedavyasa, and due to his previous samskaras, he was endowed with True Knowledge even while in the womb of his mother. As a child, he used to spend all of his time meditating in the forest near his father’s ashram.

One day while he was meditating, a desire arose in his mind to go to Vaikuntha to see Lord Vishnu. However, when he reached there, the gatekeepers informed Lord Vishnu who came and told him, “We are very sorry, but you have no Guru and those without a Guru can never enter here.”Suka returned to his father and told him what had happened.

He was a bit vain and proud, thinking that he was the son of a great rishi, that he had already done so many years of tapas, and so there was no need of a Guru. However, as Lord Vishnu Himself had said that a Guru was necessary, Suka sought his father’s advice as to who he should select as his Guru. His father told him, “There is only one Guru for you and that is King Janaka of Videha.” “Father, have you lost your mind? What is there in common between a king and a sannyasi? How can I take him as my Guru?” asked Suka. “There is nobody else who could be your Guru,” replied the sage.

Twelve times the sage sent the boy to King Janaka and twelve times he returned even before reaching there due to his doubts and misgivings. Once he even reached the palace, but on seeing the richness of the palace and the great assemblage of worldly people, he thought that the king must be one who is given up to sensual pleasure, and so he was not prepared to accept him as his Master. The more doubts and suspicions one has about a Realized Soul, the more one harms oneself. Suspecting or slandering a Mahatma destroys one’s merits (punyam).

When Suka was being sent back to the king for the thirteenth time, something interesting happened…someone intervened.

Who’s this person? Did Suka ever speak to Janaka? In the next post… 🙂



Concept of a GURU – 1

Concept of a GURU – 2

The minister takes the place of a GURU and the prince resembles us. One is playing around with futile things, whiling away the time conveniently forgetting the greater responsibility/goal. A GURU finds us, reminds us our true nature and raises us to such a height from where we can never fall. The boy had all the qualities in him. It just needed a small trigger and thats exactly what the minister did. In the same manner we all have the good qualities in us and a GURU kindles it, lights it up. He gives subtle hints which make a marked difference in our lives. Identifying this, a person grows. This doesn’t happen overnight or by reading books but with experience. 🙂

I am one of the lucky ones!