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Disclaimer – The following lines bear no resemblance to any living person. They are purely imaginary! Any such comparisons are purely coincidental 🙂

People who know tamil, if you find any mistakes, do drop in a comment/mail me 🙂

என்கே உள்ளாய் அன்பே, என்கே உள்ளாய்?
உன்னை தேடி எழு கடல் தான்டிவிட்டேண் ,
ஏன் இந்த கண்ணாமுச்சி?
நான் இப்பொழுது சொர்ன்து விட்டேண் .
என்கே உள்ளாய் அன்பே, என்கே உள்ளாய்?

எந் வேதனை கன்டு, இயற்கை அக்கறைகொன்டு, என்னை கேட்டது…

“என்ன ஆச்சு”?

அன்த கடல், மலை, மரன்கல், மிருகன்கல் என்னை கேட்டது…”யாரை தெடிகிரை”?

“என் அன்பை தெடிகிறெண்”, நான் சொல்ல…

“எப்படி இர்ருபால் அவள்”?

அடடா நான் என்ன கூர? எதை கூர?

“அவள் கண்கள், வானத்தின் ஆழம்…”
“அவள் பார்வை, அர்ஜுனனின் அம்பு…”
“அவள் உதடு, ரொஜா இதழ்…”
“அவள் சிரிப்பு, குயில் பாட்டு…”
“அவள் பர்கல், கடல் முத்துகல்…”
“அவள் நிறம், சன்தனம்…”
“அவள் கூன்தல், கடல் அலை…”
“அன்த மல்லிகை வீஸும் மண்ம்…”
“அவள் நடை, அன்த மெக்கதை பொல…”
“அவள்… ஆஹ்! கூரிகொன்டெ பொகலாம்…”

இதை கெட்டபின் இயர்கை கன்களிள் என்ன ஆனன்தம்! என்ன ஆச்சரியம்!
“இவள் பொல் ஒருத்தியை நான் கன்டதில்லை”…

மனது உடைன்து பொனதெ…
என்கே உள்ளாய் அன்பே, என்கே உள்ளாய்?
என் தெடுதல் தொடர்கிரது…


A loose translation is given below –

Where art thou, my love? Where art thou?
I crossed the seven seas in search of you…
Enough of this hide and seek…
I am tired…
Where art thou, my love? Where art thou?

Looking at my despair, nature asked,”What happened”?

The oceans, mountains, trees and animals asked,”Whom are you searching for”?

“I am searching for my love”, I replied.

“How does she look”?

“Oh! What shall I say? How do I describe?”

“Eyes as deep as the oceans…”
“Her look is like Arjuna’s arrow…”
“Lips resembling rose petals…”
“Her laughter is like birds chirping…”
“Wow!, the pearly whites…”
“Sandal paste like complexion…”
…with wavy fragrant hair…”
“Walks like a cloud…”
“She is…Oh! I am at a loss of words!”

Having heard this, nature was overjoyed but also surprised. “I have never seen such a girl”.

My heart shattered.
Where art thou, my love? Where art thou?
My search continues…



जब गुरु संघ है, तो क्या घम है|
तुझसे दूर रहने का मन नहीं करता,
तुझसे दूर रहने का मन नहीं करता,
पास आ जाऊं तो मन,
बस मन नहीं रहता||
तेरी ठंडी छाया में,
निडर हैं हम|
चिंता और दुःख,
इनसे बेखबर हैं हम||
दुनिया घूमने की पुरानी आदत,
नहीं गयी तेरी|
मुझे कब घुमायेगा?
बस सवाल है यही||

H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

मैं कौन हूँ?
इस सवाल पे मुस्कुराता है तू|
तू कौन है?
यह न जाने, मुस्कुराने लगे हम||
साधना, सेवा और सत्संग,
इसकी सरगम में डूब जाना है|
सुख में सेवा और दुःख में त्याग,
इस सूत्र के संग, मेवा खाना है||

जब गुरु संघ है, तो क्या घम है|


Oh! My dear! Who are you?

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Poems, Wonder

Oh! My dear! Who are you?

Each one of your species,
triggers a desire.
I observe it and move on,
offering it on the pyre.

Wanting to possess,
is the thought.
Happiness is inbetween 2 events,
alas, I forgot!

Oh! My dear! Where are you?

Inspite of having a wife,
I want to refrain from a “regular” life.
A bigger goal in life,
is what I want you to look for.

Who are you?

Loosing my freedom,
is what I fear.
You have someone to support,
is what I hear.

Oh! My dear! Where are you?

Are you my responsibility?
is what I think.
What if I falter n fail,
makes me blink!

Everytime I want you near,
keep waiting, is what I hear.
Waiting for someone is frustration,
just waiting is meditation.



How can you?!

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Poems, Wonder

A recent incident brought out the following lines…

How can u be annoyed?
How can u not pester me?
How can u not find a girl for me?
How can u?
I really doubt!

How can u not bug me for an adv course?
How can u not take care of me?
How can u not visit me?
How can u?
I really doubt!

How can u not accept me?
How can u be angry at me?
How can u not forgive me?
How can u?
I mean, I really doubt!

How can u be away from me?
How can u not talk to me?
How can u avoid me?
How can u?
I really really doubt!

Rooto na hum se,
maafi maangte hain hum dil se.
Galthiyan tho hum sab se bhi hoti hai,
Rooto na hum se.  Rooto na hum se.



Who are you?

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Guruji, Poems

Every meeting leaves me thirsting for more.

Every guru story has your assurance in store.

Every story shared, I fall short of doing justice.

Who are you?

You walk like a cloud caressing the sky,

a twinkle from your eye makes people fly.

Words like honey dripping from a honey comb,

arms which take me on like a mothers womb.

Who are you? Please tell me…

Lovely tresses flowing down,

a smile which can turn around any frown.

A hug softer than a velvet pillow,

which can lift a person from any low.

Who are you? Please, please tell me…

Eyes deeper than any gorge,

like a bud peeping out of the petals.

A mark of your fame are your plays,

When asked about it, you just smile away.

Who are you? The mystery is deepening…



My birthday

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Birthdays, Poems

Wishes pouring in since the previous night

via (i)phone, Fb, messages and skype,

I woke up to this day,

my birthday!

Golden rays of the sun,

blessing my friend fine.

walking into holy matrimony,

with the nephew of the divine.

I told the divine of this day,

a twinkle in his eye was all did he say.

As our eyes met and froze,

Smiling, he handed me a rose.

A few oblivious of the day,

greeting me with a sorry smile.

Being loved surpasses the wishes,

was I reminded in a while.

Chocolate makeup 🙂

Amidst chants of  “Sagar mein ek leher…”

cutting a cake in middle of commercial street,

Thanks to Hema di,

made my heart go happy with glee :).

Dancing to the tunes of Jai ho,

announcing the arrival of the divine.

Biting into the pizza @ Sbarro,

made way for a fine dine.

KK behind the wheel,

we inched back home.

Saying YES! to any challenge I realized,

is the secret of some.

Today is the day,

that I will remember.

When everyone made me feel

as their very own. 🙂

Thank you for all your wishes!



Who is this man? (Audio)

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Audio, Poems

KK suggested me to record my poems. So here is an attempt. Let me know what can be improved? Does it sound ok? etc…

You can read the lines here – Who is this man?