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You are the change!

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Events, Life, People, Questions
Most of the software engineers in Bangalore or any other city don’t go out and vote! They don’t even appear concerned with the state of affairs around us! Are they really not interested about the country they live in? This thought and a little QnA led to a startling discovery. Read on to find out!
Me: I want a better country! So lets go out and be a part of the change! Lets volunteer for a better India!
ITP(Random IT professional): Why should I do it? Why should I go out n vote? Anyways nothing changes, all the parties are the same. So how does it matter to me? Volunteer for a better India? Hahaha! Good joke! 😀 Kuch nahi ho saktha is desh ka! I know! I work in a IT company which pays me enough for the slavery I exhibit. Basically I don’t have time yaar! See, I am too busy working for my client that I don’t have time to think about anything else other than me n my family. Monday through Friday goes off in a flash. On weekdays, I have time for coffee and lunch breaks. I walk over to my colleague’s cubicle and chat/rant relentlessly for hours. I discuss about some stupid random topic which does not help anyone. I work till 9/10pm every single day and satisfy myself to be working very hard. But I never think about finishing my work faster and spend time doing the things I love to do.
Me: So why dont you start doing what you love?
ITP: I don’t know how to do it! Why? Because that is how it happens at my office. All my colleagues come at the same time. How can I be a odd man out? My project demands it! I am just so used to this lifestyle that anyone who offers me a change; I don’t agree with them. I fear what would happen if I do things differently. What will people think about me?
Me: But atleast weekends you must be free right?
ITP: After a week of slogging, Saturday and Sunday are the days to relax. Basically to catch up on my sleep, complete some pending duties etc. Sometimes I prefer to go out on weekends and I want to be free from the thoughts of corruption, rape, increase in prices etc. I want to spend time peacefully with my friends/family. But sadly wherever I go, I end up being more tired on the way back. I know this but I don’t know what to do :(. I don’t have time to think about what can I do for the people around me (this excludes my family) and society; forget my nation at large! I have lost my personal life, my body n mind is screwed, have drooping eyes and a paunch. At the end of all this, I just earn a few thousand more than my colleagues. A 1% difference in hike can trigger a turmoil in my mind and I keep brooding over it for days. 
I am tired of everything...

I am tired of everything…


Me: But you would definitely want to do something for the society right?
ITP: Yes, I do my part for society! I think and discuss about the current societal scenario over lunch with my colleagues. They are all good people like me. We all feel that someone should stop the negative activities happening around us. I have plenty of ideas how India can be improved but I will keep those ideas to the discussion table only. I will pass comments/suggestions/ even sneer at the people who are in power. Finally, it stops there! We all finish our lunch; also swallow the ideas and get back to work. But I don’t move my ass to do anything. Apart from being concerned about how much business I am generating for my company, I am concerned for the people on the streets too. I do my bit by visiting some NGO once in 6 months; organized by my team. I feel good I did something for the not so fortunate people! I click on ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons for the African children photos on Facebook knowing well that not even a penny goes out to them. But I am doing my bit.
Me: But all these don’t make any difference! Why don’t you share your ideas with someone?
ITP: I have a debt of 15-20 lakhs for my house which pinches my pocket every month. I almost have to shell out 2-3 times for the fuel, vegetables and other products I buy! And what do I do when I need to increase my affordability? I switch companies, I invest in shares; but I never question why are the prices increasing so rapidly without any visible explanation. I am not comfortable with the increase in prices but I don’t know what to do :(. Whats the point of sharing with anyone. Everyone is the same!  
Me: See all these issues are a resultant of the poor voter turnout during elections! Congress is screwing the country! These brilliant article by Dinesh Ghodke opened my eyes 🙂 Read it and you will know.
ITP: I agree and I understand. I want to do something for my society, my nation. But I don’t know what and how! Moreover I am alone. What can I do?
Volunteer for a better India!
Me: You are not alone… I heard that Volunteer for a better India is a great initiative. And its people like you and me who can make a difference! I am going to be a part of this. Will you also join me?
ITP: Yes! Definitely! If someone can show me the way, I would love to contribute effectively. Its time for all my qualities to surge up and I put them into use. I believe its not enough if we just discuss in our cafeterias, family functions, social media etc. We need to raise awareness and work for a cause. I will select one of the causes from the VFABI website and work for it. Will be in touch!
Does the above discussion sound too familiar? Is your life also little similar to the ITP I met? I realized that the IT professionals just need a person to guide them towards this. They are more than willing to contribute!
Can you be that person for someone else?
Can you inspire them to volunteer for a better India?
Go ahead, Do it now!

Who am I?

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Poems, Questions

Five elements, an abode I stay…
Whose five windows, through I see.
While three seasons shower me wet…
Vascillating between two friends,
whose presence I mostly fret.

Sometimes clear, blurred otherwise…
Playing hide n seek all my life.
A reflection of myself, I could see in thee…
At the brink of realization you seem to flee.

Feels like a play,
I, the player or pawn?
Intrigued by this question,
I sing the life song.

Looking in pillar and post…
Waiting for you.
Lost I was in the amazing race…
Oh dear, when will I see your face?

What to do?
Where to go?
Whom to ask?
Saddened I was.

Adding a dash of love and fun…
putting an end to my dry run.
Enters the Guru,
Aho! Ab life hoti hai shuru…

Treading the path with earnest zest…
I am sure to find.
What remains an eternal quest…
Is who am I?

Are you Relax Singh? :)

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Jokes, Questions

Santa Singh is lying on a beach getting himself tanned. One man comes to him and asks “Are you relaxing?”. Santa replies – “I am Santa Singh”. After some time another man approaches him and asks “Excuse me, are you relaxing?”. Now Santa gets curious and retorts “No! I am Santa Singh!”. This happens quite a few times and Santa gets completely frustrated; gets up and walks away.

As he is going back, out of his curiosity he asks another man lying under a tree near the beach – “Oye! Are you Relax Singh?”. The person says “Yes”. Santa gives him a tight slap and says – “So many people are looking for you out there and you are lying here??!!”

😀 😀 😀

Can I be…?

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Poems, Questions


Can I be like a bud oozing innocence?

Can I be like a flower effortlessly spreading fragrance?

Can I be like a leaf swaying to the flowing breeze?

Can I be like a branch growing upwards but still down to earth?

Can I be like a grass just growing on its own?

Can I fly like a bird having no boundaries?

Can I takeoff from this planet and visit the other cousins in space?

Can I be like the resplendent sun expecting nothing in return?

Can I be like the cool moon playing hide and seek with its loved one?

Can I twinkle like the stars filling people with awe and wonder near, wide and far?

Can I be?

Can I be like water adapting wherever it flows?

Can I be like fire which looks up even if you turn it down?

Can I be like air pervading this entire planet and beyond?

Can I be like the clouds which hover for some time and then move on?

Can I be like a mountain which stands strong, still and unruffled come what may?

Can I be? Can I just be?



Back to the Centre…

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Knowledge, Questions

Feelings come and go, Emotions come and go…Had heard these words many a time but didnt understand them completely till they paid me a surprise visit  recently ;-). Storms of emotions, confusions galore…I know what i have to do but i dont do it…just not in the mood…And after some considerable time realized that this same phenomenon has happened before! Nothing new!

Ignorance and knowledge both co-existing at the same time. Opposite values are inevitable! The presence of knowledge made the shadow of ignorance more painful and at the same time pulls us out of it faster too. 🙂 And thats the key; how fast are we able to come back to the centre…The importance of doing yoga, sadhana, seva and satsang has renewed itself.

Had written a related post long time back. Here it is…


We all are aware of what is ‘happening’ outside us, right? Someone is reading, someone is talking, walking, shouting etc. At the same time, there is something always ‘happening’ inside us; inside our body-mind consciousness.

Are we aware of this? To experience awareness, we need to experience the ‘happening’ first.

There is something happening inside us all the time. Say when we are angry, there is some thing happening inside; when we are happy there is something else happening; when we are feverish, there is something else. The way we act or react to anything is because of this phenomenon of ‘happening’! The whole consciousness is nothing but an ‘happening’. It is fully dynamic, not even one moment of dullness!

And there are multiple factors which influence this ‘happening’ inside us; like food, friendship, sadhana, seva, satsang, planetary positions etc. Can we become aware of this happening? The whole life can be spent in just being aware of whats happening all over. And this helps in willingly making changes to how we feel and act. For e.g. when we feel lazy, the moment we realize that – “Oh, I am feeling lazy. This is what laziness is”. Once we become aware of this, there is an immediate disconnect between ‘YOU’ and your body. We become a sakshi(Observer) to what is happening. Thats it, that very moment we can take a rational decision and come out of that.

The more and more we become aware of this happening, we start smiling more. 🙂
But now, is this awareness also a ‘happening’? I believe so! What do you say?

Janaka and Sukhadeva – Final

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Knowledge, Questions

Story till now…

Just after Suka entered the room, a servant came running in with a report that the entire town was on fire. “It’s all God’s Will,” said Janaka cooly. After a short while another report came that all of the king’s courts were reduced to ashes. “God’s Will,” said the king. Then the news came that the king’s own palace was on fire. “All God’s Will,” repeated the king. Suka was thinking what a fool the king was not to do anything about the fire. Suka grabbed his bag and started to run away to save himself from the approaching fire, but the king caught hold of his arm. “Look,” said the king, “all of my wealth and possessions have been burnt to ashes, but I haven’t bothered about them. Now that the fire has reached the palace, you have taken hold of this small bundle of your possessions with the intention of saving them.

After all, what are your things worth? Now, who exactly is the greater renunciate – you or I?” Suka realized that the king was a true renunciate and sought initiation from him but the king said, “You do not deserve it.”

Now the king ordered that a great festival be held in honour of Suka’s visit to the city. Festivities, dances, plays and various stalls were set up. All was to entertain Suka. When everything was ready, the king ask Suka to go through the city and enjoy everything, “But,” said the king, “please carry this full cup of milk with you wherever you go.” He then bade the soldiers who were to accompany Suka, “Take Suka through every part of the city. Let him see everything and miss nothing. But if he should spill a single drop of milk from this cup, my orders are that you should behead him on the spot.”Suka went out with the soldiers and came back in the evening. “I am sure that you had a nice time? How did you enjoy everything?” “O king, as it turned out, I saw nothing, for at every moment all of my thoughts were concentrated on this cup, lest I should spill a drop and lose my life,” said Suka.

“Suka, that is how I live in the midst of all this luxury and grandeur. I see nothing. For at every moment my thoughts are centered on the Lord lest I too should lose my life,” said the king. “Imagine that the cup is death, the milk is your mind, and the festivities are the ephemeral pleasures and splendours of the world.

I pass through this world with great caution, so that the milk of the mind is not spilled, or agitated, and all attention is concentrated every moment on Him. For even a moment spent in not thinking of Him would be death to me.”

The king could now see that Suka’s mind was cleansed of pride and was ready, so he initiated Sukadeva… 🙂



Janaka and Sukhadeva – 2

Posted: September 5, 2010 in Knowledge, Questions

Story so far…

When Suka was being sent back to the king for the thirteenth time, the sage Narada took pity on him. He disguised himself as an old brahmin and was carrying a basket of earth on his head. As he approached a small river which was flowing nearby, he would throw the earth into it and it would get washed away. Seeing this, Suka accosted him and said, “Look here, old man.

First put some sticks across the stream and then some large lumps of earth on them and then only throw the earth on that. Otherwise it will be only fruitless labour if you are trying to build a dam across the river the way you are doing it.” “I am only losing my day’s effort,” said Narada, “but there is a young man who is a bigger fool than I am, and he is Suka Deva, the son of Vedavyasa. For he has already lost twelve of the fourteen merits that he possessed. He has only two left.” When Suka heard this, he fell down in a faint. When he regained consciousness, he was all alone, but he remembered the words of the old man and rushed to the king’s palace.

Still having some pride that he was the son of Vedavyasa, he thought that the king would come and meet him on the way. But no one came to meet him. When the king was informed of his arrival, he gave the orders, “Let him stand right where he is.” Suka just happened to be standing on the spot where the palace garbage was thrown over the wall, and as a result, it was not long before he was buried under the refuse.

Four days passed in this way when the king enquired, “What happened to Suka who had come to see me?” “He has been standing in the same spot, Maharaj,” replied the servant.”Let him be extricated from the heap of rubbish, bathed, dressed and brought here,” ordered the king. King Janaka, knowing that Suka was proud of his renunciation, created an illusion.

Just after Suka entered the room, a servant came running in with a report that the entire town was on fire. “It’s all God’s Will,” said Janaka cooly. After a short while another report came that all of the king’s courts were reduced to ashes. “God’s Will,” said the king. Then the news came that the king’s own palace was on fire. “All God’s Will,” repeated the king.

Was Janaka playing around? Did Sukadeva fall for his antics? In the next post… 🙂