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King and the sword – 2

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Story till now…

When they were about to reach the shore, Troilanga Swami, who was seated in the boat, placed his hand in the water. All of a sudden two shining swords appeared in his hand. They were identical, and both looked exactly like the one he had thrown into the Ganges. Everybody was astonished. The Master said to the King, “O King, now find the one that belonged to you.” The King was totally nonplussed. He did not know which one was actually his. Then Troilanga Swami said to him, “You fool, you don’t know which one belongs to you? You don’t know your own possession?” Then he threw away the one that was not the King’s, and said, “In this world nothing will remain with you. When you die, everything you have will have to remain here. To the Real in you I say, “Don’t live in the world of enjoyment. Remain in the world of aspiration. Remain in the world of Light, Peace and Bliss. You are a King, but you are a fool as well. Be wise. Then only will you have true happiness in life. Be spiritually wise!”




King and the sword.

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Read this story recently. Thought of sharing it…

A great Indian King once went on a boat trip on the Ganges. He and his attendants saw a man swimming behind them. It was Troilanga Swami. It happened, in an hour or so, that Troilanga Swami swam near the boat smiling, so they helped him into the boat. He was naked as usual, but the people there did not mind because they all knew him, and had tremendous respect, love and veneration for him. The King was also pleased to see him, because he also admired him.The King had a sword hanging around his waist. Troilanga Swami took it from him and examined it and played with it like a child. Then he suddenly threw it into the Ganges. The King was furious. He had received this sword for his valour and for his merit, so he felt miserable that he had lost such a precious thing. He wanted to punish the man but everybody protested: “Oh no, he is a saint; you can’t do that. It will be a terrible thing if you touch him.”The King said, “If you people are not willing to punish him, then once we land I will get other people who will gladly listen to me and punish this man.” When they were about to reach the shore…in the next post 🙂



Aho! Puzzle solved again…

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First read this – Aho! Puzzle Solved!

Could not resist posting this here… 🙂 🙂

Men Vs Woman’s brains



Evergreen Ads!

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Such ads appeal to us always; maybe 10 years before or 10 years from now. They touch our hearts even today. 🙂 You know those ‘feel good’ types. An ad should not just sell the product but also create a long lasting impact in the lives of the people. In this case BAJAJ has done it brilliantly!! Thats what you call an evergreen ad.

How many ads today actually create a impact today? Maybe one or two; that too for maybe 1 or 2 months! The ones below will be there for years to come; I am sure. 🙂 Probably our current Ad industry should take a cue from these old ads. What do you say?

Heaven on Earth

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Circumference. Most of us live our lives in the circumference itself. Whats happening here, whats happening there, this person said this thing to me, how can he say that to me and so on…Every situation is looked upon from a very subjective point of view. Reeling in the circumference leads to hurt, frustration, anger, greed, jealousy etc. Isn’t it? It pulls down our energy levels, one feels weak but still one goes on running round and round portraying a picture of someone very strong.


Surprisingly when one is at the circumference one is oblivious of the fact that the circumference has a centre too. Centre is called ‘Nyasa’ in Sanskrit. Being centred means being joyful, feeling of belongingness, an unshakable smile and a ‘GURU’ is the one who gives us a glimpse of the ‘Nyasa’.

When one is on the spiritual path, being at the centre is inevitable. Meditation helps us being centred. It gives us the strength to do everything in the best possible manner. But yes sometimes one ends up being in the circumference. Thats when one feels terrible. What does one do?

1. Just identifying this fact catapults us back to the center. This becomes easier by meditation.

2. Being in satsang(Company of the truth).

3. Sincere prayer.

When we are back to our centres we feel calm and relaxed and @home. Being on the spiritual path, doing meditation, sudarshan kriya helps us to reduce these frequent trips from our centre to the circumference. 🙂

Seva or Job

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

In the last one and half years with Art of Living, I have been involved in Seva. Be it of any kind – getting registrations, organizing talks, arranging the venue, transport and others. Initially I did it for the fun aspect. But as I got involved more and more, my mind started demanding attention and respect. “I have done so much, but this person X is not doing anything” – is a common phrase that pops up in my mind probably the words are different but the underlying feeling is the same.

Recently I asked myself this question – What exactly is happening? or more precisely – Why am I doing this? Apart from all the ‘philosophical’ answers, I was left out with only one reason – I was expecting something from all of this!!! OMG! Such a big mistake!! It was just becoming like another job!

I realized that Seva should happen because ‘I am happy and contented’ and not because ‘I will get something out of it’. If I do anything from the space of happiness, it doesn’t affect me if the other person is doing or not or if the results turn out to be good or not.

I believe this is a very important lesson in my life.

I want you all to look back and ask yourself this question – Are you doing seva or just another job?