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How me? I don’t know!

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Guruji, Wonder
Ever doubtful of how a Guru could find me,
but you caught me unawares.
Neither perfect nor among the best,
You chose me!
How me?
You knew I would be slow n falter.
With a snake coiled around the planets,
Mars not helping either,
my stars were not exalted!
How me?
Flushing so much enthusiasm and joy,
accelerating my life with fun and wisdom,
you made me experience the radha and krishna!
How me?
Awesome time in the last 5 years,
giving me a glimpse of what I am capable of,
empowered through your support,
I move ahead.
How me?
Tears of gratitude have flown,
I love you so much, dont know why?
Why do I miss you, I don’t know!
What have I done for this? I dont know!
Why is this happening? I dont know!

Oh! My dear! Who are you?

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Poems, Wonder

Oh! My dear! Who are you?

Each one of your species,
triggers a desire.
I observe it and move on,
offering it on the pyre.

Wanting to possess,
is the thought.
Happiness is inbetween 2 events,
alas, I forgot!

Oh! My dear! Where are you?

Inspite of having a wife,
I want to refrain from a “regular” life.
A bigger goal in life,
is what I want you to look for.

Who are you?

Loosing my freedom,
is what I fear.
You have someone to support,
is what I hear.

Oh! My dear! Where are you?

Are you my responsibility?
is what I think.
What if I falter n fail,
makes me blink!

Everytime I want you near,
keep waiting, is what I hear.
Waiting for someone is frustration,
just waiting is meditation.



How can you?!

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Poems, Wonder

A recent incident brought out the following lines…

How can u be annoyed?
How can u not pester me?
How can u not find a girl for me?
How can u?
I really doubt!

How can u not bug me for an adv course?
How can u not take care of me?
How can u not visit me?
How can u?
I really doubt!

How can u not accept me?
How can u be angry at me?
How can u not forgive me?
How can u?
I mean, I really doubt!

How can u be away from me?
How can u not talk to me?
How can u avoid me?
How can u?
I really really doubt!

Rooto na hum se,
maafi maangte hain hum dil se.
Galthiyan tho hum sab se bhi hoti hai,
Rooto na hum se.  Rooto na hum se.



Oh! Maya

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Poems, Wonder

Oh! Maya out there, screaming “happiness is within me”.

In a quest for a better fare, I near thee.

Reaching my hand, POP! you burst,

leaving behind emptiness and thirst.

Running around you I don’t know why,

tired and worn-out, alas was I frei*.

Diving to the ground, saddened by thee,

I will attain you one day says, Oh! Stupid me.

 Feverishness climbing up my body,

awareness with its eyes tied,

bribing the intellect,

to let this one thing go by.

Ah! second wheel in motion,

triggering an avalanche of lust.

Roaring like a lion, craving devours me.

Leaving scars of aversion, as I crumble into dust.

Oh Maya! I seem to falter, again and again,

not just nuts, you are driving me insane!

Like pulling an arrow behind to shoot,

into my self, you catapult me!

Smiling at your antics to entice me,

Seated in here, I observe thee.

Now, don’t you bother…as I meditate.

 A guide has come along, orchestrating my fate.

*frei = free (in German).




Posted: September 19, 2011 in Poems, Wonder

This weekend was very ‘violent’ courtesy watching couple of movies – Fight Club and City of God. Positives from both being some fundamental questions of life put forth by Brad Pitt and some exceptional camera work respectively.  But as the saying goes – Every cloud has a silver lining, happened to visit Pfühlpark with Ram and Sameer. What I witnessed there has been captured in the lines below.

Greeted by greenery everywhere I see,

stoned by silence in every inch,

Astonished by the calmness of nature,

I sat on a swing to unravel its beauty.

Silent green

Feeling my presence amidst itself,

smiling at my predicament,

whispered the nature about itself to me.

A part played to its perfection, I realize!

Golden rays of the sun escaping the clouds,

lighting the tree tops like lamps.

Clouds dressed up in grey and golden hues,

in all grandeur resembling a queen’s robe,

making love to the golden rays,

giving birth to the rainbow.


Colored leaves,

rustling to the tunes of the chilly breeze.

Singing the notes of nature, a gentle stream…

dancing the way to its destination, I dont know where.

Tasting this nectar of creation, the grass come alive!

Filled with northern lights,

the entire horizon goes berserk with blue, green, orange, pink and white!

Almost resembling a dance floor!

My heart wishes to camouflage into you!

Northern lights

Birds chirping this to their friends,

a few flying back hurriedly to their homes.

Thanking the divine for this colorful splash,

I retired to my nest.



P.S – Could not come up with a title for this post. Hence Pfühlpark. If you have a better name, you may post your suggestions in the comments section.

How will it be?

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Guruji, Poems, Wonder

Being my 50th post, wanted to write something special :). As usual, lots of thinking did not help. A moment of inspiration brought out these lines. On the eve of GuruPoornima, here it is…

How will it be?
To see people awaiting to receive you.
Showers of love to greet you.
To the airport racing with you.
Off with happy tears they send you.

How will it be?
To greet in places of calamities,
Gloomy, fearful faces,
Vanish their problems and
Turn them into happy, contented faces.

How will it be?
To meet people by the day, noon and night!
‘Master’plan for all of us in the hindsight.
Ufff…take a break by meeting another set of people! 🙂
And yet keep yourself so bright!

How will it be?
To consider every problem as yours,
Take initiative to resolve those.
To receive awards wherever you go,
Not acknowledge them as your own, but as ‘ours’.

How will it be?
Looked up to for everything under the sun,
Making life fun as you move.
Seeds of spirituality which you have sown,
Make everyone feel you are their own.

Available to each and everyone on this planet.

Oh Guruji! How will it be?
I wish to be! I wish to be!


Holding my hand

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Guruji, Knowledge, Wonder

Deciding to have a guru in my life is the most intelligent decision which I have taken. Although it is the other way round; I would like to say so. Its intriguing how the Guru comes to me every time I make a mistake, every time I stumble in this path. I do the same mistake again and again but still he is there right in time to hold me by my hand; neither too tight nor too loose just with the right feel and touch to steer me away with a smile; to bring me back.

Like how a wailing child’s tears vapourize when it sees its mother; similarly I feel at home back on the path. Aah! Its so relaxing. The guru gives me what I truly need and not what I wanted, showing me who I am and what I can do; rather than letting me go astray. I recollect the lines – “Ghirne ka aabhaas hoga par girne nahin doonga”.

The point is not doing the mistake repeatedly and brooding over it; but to come back to the centre again and again which steers me ahead.

Yes, he’s truly holding my hand. 🙂