I was coming back from Kukke Subrahmanya and lo behold! This is what I see!

The rain gods showering gracefully,
drenched trees having nowhere to go,
Soaking wet branches bowing shyly,
water slipping off the leaf tips.
The clouds crowning the mountains,
streams flowing into the rivers,
surrounded by various hues of green,
I pierce through the dense forests.
The cold breeze taking a leisure walk down the hills,
as if the Sun had taken a day off.
The mist and fog embraced me,
hot bhajjis and piping hot tea to top it off!
A few priceless moments and the rains halt,
The cool breeze starting to jog,
Wild flowers came alive after a refreshing bath,
while the trees happily dried their leaves,
Heart longing to stay back,
but the mind beckons home.
Bidding them goodbye,
I come to the concrete world. Alas!

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Race for President!

Posted: June 15, 2012 in General

Race for President! Race for President! These words are bombarded on us day n night albeit the media can show many other things! This reminded me of the “Race Saanson ki, race dhadkan ki…” from the hindi movie Race. If you don’t know the song, please listen to it before you read further. You can listen to the song here.  I thought how would it be if that same song was sung by our PM – Manmohan ji.  Ofcourse I have modified the lyrics. So here it is, Manmohan au vacha –

Race President ki
Race FM ki
Race PM ki
My heart is racing on…
Race President ki
Race FM ki
Race PM ki
My heart is racing on…

Khaunf tera…khaunf bada hi bhayanak hai

Sonia ki raaj hai
Betabi chaayi hai
Mushkil pragati hai
Haan tere congress mein…

Madam G ki shasan
Hum Bade din sahe
Haal Jo bhi raha
Na Kisi se kahe

Teri haathon tale
Abb to jeena mujhe
Maang le tu agar
PM bana doon tujhe

Raja`..Chidaa*..Raja..Chida..ne hi loota hai…

Sonia ki raaj hai
Betabi chaayi hai
Mushkil pragati hai
Haan tere congress mein…

Sonia ki raaj hai
Betabi chaayi hai
Mushkil pragati hai
Haan tere congress mein…

Sonia, tere rehte
Ab lokpal mumkin nahi
yeh PM seat meri
Sonia tere bin nahi.

Teri hi raj hai
Teri hi aadesh hai
Arzoo meri kya
Tera congress hai

Pranab da, Sibal da, jayenge Tihar mein…

Sonia ki raaj hai
Betabi chaayi hai
Mushkil pragati hai
Haan tere congress mein…

Race President ki
Race FM ki
Race PM ki
My heart is racing on…

Khaunf tera…khaunf bada hi bhayanak hai

Sonia ki raaj hai
Betabi chaayi hai
Mushkil pragati hai
Haan tere congress mein…



` = A Raja, * = Chidambaram

Happy Birthday Vinod!

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Birthdays

Vinod, a few lines about how your existence had made a difference to people around you.

You entered the scene,
when I was out.
To make a difference,
goes beyond doubt.
The presence and smile,
energises us.
Your ‘brilliant’ statements,
lead to an awakening.
A patient listener to the core,
your jokes have me rolling on the floor.


From just another guy,
you have become a fine wise man.
Inspiring us,
with all the might u can.
Sharing the dias with u,
is always a pleasure.
The joy I experience,
is just beyond measure.
An attitude of ‘Never say NO’,
makes us all go ‘Gung Ho’!
You are the man,
our YES!+ man!
!Happy Birthday!

How me? I don’t know!

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Guruji, Wonder
Ever doubtful of how a Guru could find me,
but you caught me unawares.
Neither perfect nor among the best,
You chose me!
How me?
You knew I would be slow n falter.
With a snake coiled around the planets,
Mars not helping either,
my stars were not exalted!
How me?
Flushing so much enthusiasm and joy,
accelerating my life with fun and wisdom,
you made me experience the radha and krishna!
How me?
Awesome time in the last 5 years,
giving me a glimpse of what I am capable of,
empowered through your support,
I move ahead.
How me?
Tears of gratitude have flown,
I love you so much, dont know why?
Why do I miss you, I don’t know!
What have I done for this? I dont know!
Why is this happening? I dont know!

Disclaimer – The following lines bear no resemblance to any living person. They are purely imaginary! Any such comparisons are purely coincidental 🙂

People who know tamil, if you find any mistakes, do drop in a comment/mail me 🙂

என்கே உள்ளாய் அன்பே, என்கே உள்ளாய்?
உன்னை தேடி எழு கடல் தான்டிவிட்டேண் ,
ஏன் இந்த கண்ணாமுச்சி?
நான் இப்பொழுது சொர்ன்து விட்டேண் .
என்கே உள்ளாய் அன்பே, என்கே உள்ளாய்?

எந் வேதனை கன்டு, இயற்கை அக்கறைகொன்டு, என்னை கேட்டது…

“என்ன ஆச்சு”?

அன்த கடல், மலை, மரன்கல், மிருகன்கல் என்னை கேட்டது…”யாரை தெடிகிரை”?

“என் அன்பை தெடிகிறெண்”, நான் சொல்ல…

“எப்படி இர்ருபால் அவள்”?

அடடா நான் என்ன கூர? எதை கூர?

“அவள் கண்கள், வானத்தின் ஆழம்…”
“அவள் பார்வை, அர்ஜுனனின் அம்பு…”
“அவள் உதடு, ரொஜா இதழ்…”
“அவள் சிரிப்பு, குயில் பாட்டு…”
“அவள் பர்கல், கடல் முத்துகல்…”
“அவள் நிறம், சன்தனம்…”
“அவள் கூன்தல், கடல் அலை…”
“அன்த மல்லிகை வீஸும் மண்ம்…”
“அவள் நடை, அன்த மெக்கதை பொல…”
“அவள்… ஆஹ்! கூரிகொன்டெ பொகலாம்…”

இதை கெட்டபின் இயர்கை கன்களிள் என்ன ஆனன்தம்! என்ன ஆச்சரியம்!
“இவள் பொல் ஒருத்தியை நான் கன்டதில்லை”…

மனது உடைன்து பொனதெ…
என்கே உள்ளாய் அன்பே, என்கே உள்ளாய்?
என் தெடுதல் தொடர்கிரது…


A loose translation is given below –

Where art thou, my love? Where art thou?
I crossed the seven seas in search of you…
Enough of this hide and seek…
I am tired…
Where art thou, my love? Where art thou?

Looking at my despair, nature asked,”What happened”?

The oceans, mountains, trees and animals asked,”Whom are you searching for”?

“I am searching for my love”, I replied.

“How does she look”?

“Oh! What shall I say? How do I describe?”

“Eyes as deep as the oceans…”
“Her look is like Arjuna’s arrow…”
“Lips resembling rose petals…”
“Her laughter is like birds chirping…”
“Wow!, the pearly whites…”
“Sandal paste like complexion…”
…with wavy fragrant hair…”
“Walks like a cloud…”
“She is…Oh! I am at a loss of words!”

Having heard this, nature was overjoyed but also surprised. “I have never seen such a girl”.

My heart shattered.
Where art thou, my love? Where art thou?
My search continues…


Many pals in Manipal…

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Events, Guruji, Travel

I had been to Manipal last week to conduct a YES!+ course. 54 Manipalites were SoHummed, my biggest course till date. All thanks to Tanu who could not make it ;).

“When you care for the society, nature itself bends down to serve you” these words by Guruji H.H.Sri Sri Ravishankar were echoing in my head throughout. Reason? I did not even have to move my little finger for anything. Everything I needed just landed in my lap. The best and cutest volunteers – Rimi, Shrey, Toyaj, Naman, Prachi and many more were just there for me. Rimi was our Annapoorneshwari for the whole week. They took care of my stay, food, travel and what not. Felt like Guruji ;). I have never laughed so much ever. The course ended on a super duper high!

One of the volunteers Harshpreeth has penned down a few words about it.


On Saturday, 42 people participated in the Yogathon in Manipal. 37 of them won the GOLD certificate. Some people who have not done any AOL course also participated and were able to complete 108 suryanamaskars!!! Pure grace in its fullest glory :).

Mookambika temple

Sunday marked the visit to Kollur to see Sri Mookambika devi. It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya had a vision of Sri Mookambika Devi and installed the deity here.

Sri Mookambika Devi

Just behind the sanctum sanctorum, is an idol of Shankaracharya where we meditated. Despite the sound and clamour inside the temple, the meditation was deep and still. We then had lunch served as prasad adjacent to the temple. The ultra hot, molten boiling rice(I mean every word of this…) with delicious sambar and rasam filled our starving stomachs. Everyone were licking their fingers clean :).

Udupi Krishna mutt

We then proceeded to Udupi to see Manamohana aka Krishna. The route from Kollur to Udupi was the bumpiest to say the least. The sun added to the effect. Almost wornout we went inside the mutt. As soon as I entered the mutt, a sense of freshness took over me. All tiredness just evaporated in his presence.

Shri Krishna

Witnessed a glowing Krishna within a dimly lit sanctum santorum. Felt so relaxed and calm. Something inside had settled down. The elephant in the temple looked so sattvic with its chandan and kumkum. The lake within the temple was refreshing. Feeling grateful we returned back to Manipal.



Happiieee Birthdaaay Vini…

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Birthdays

A late afternoon Sadhana popped up this idea. Wish u a very joyful birthday!

[youtube http://youtu.be/DBHgey8B_tY]